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How Olathee started? a brief history since 2015 (English)

How Olathee started? a brief history since 2015 (English)

Get In depth but brief history of Olathee herbal teas every year since 2015 and how the brand started

2015 - Side effects from slimming pills and slimming products

Back in 2015, both co-founders and creators of Olathee experience something that they will not forget forever. The story started when Suhaili Salleh also known as Elly (the wife & co-founder) fainted just right in front of Syukri Harish (the husband & co-founder) due to dangerous side effects that possibly came from the slimming pill that Suhaili's took. 

Syukri Harish & Suhaili Salleh back in 2015

It was something that shocked both of them for the first time because it came from the slimming product that the Suhaili's took. Suhaili's heart was pumping hard with both of her hands sweating profusely and end up fainted. 

That bad experience and situations really created some awareness especially for the husband Harish. He felt bad about what happened because he didn't really took note of every slimming product that Suhaili's ever consumed.

"I really didn't know that slimming pill could do something bad like that, I'd seen my wife took many types of them from different local brands including other kinds of slimming product like slimming juice or detox tea" - Harish

He knew that Suhaili's had tried many ways of losing weight including eating clean and exercising. But all of that doesn't seems to really help her shed off 20kg that she gained after their marriage in 2014. 

Gaining weight after marriage is a common problem for most women

It's kind of depressing for her when her friends and family started to ask and say something about her changing body. Before marriage Suhaili was a model and also had her own online clothing business.

Their marriage photo in 2014

Because of this weight gain problem, she started to keep away from social media and slowly lose hope on her clothing business and herself.

But that didn't stop there, she tried to boost the weight loss journey with many types of slimming products (something that Harish is not aware of). Turned out, the slimming products that she took doesn't really do anything but only harm.

2016 - Found the natural solution

After that incident on 2015, Harish started to made his research on natural weight loss remedies that could help his wife. He found many of that on the market that claimed to be natural product such as detox tea.

But the problem is, Suhaili's had tried detox tea and it doesn't suit her well because every single time she needs to go to the toilet and makes her feel weak afterwards.

So, Harish tried to find something else and found herbal teas that are different from detox tea. Herbal teas is often portrays as a detox tea but actually it is different.

Herbal teas are a mix of teas, dried herb and dried fruits. They are mixed (by herb specialist) to create the best tasting beverage without any additional flavoring and sweeteners.

Herbal teas are not really a detox tea 

Some of these herbal mixtures also help with weight loss if mixed with the right proportion (the right % for each ingredients). This is when Harish started to try herbal tea mix on Suhaili to help with her weight loss.

2017 - First time on the market

At first, they are just trying the herbal tea mix for themselves. When Suhaili started to lose 18kg of weight throughout the period of 2-3 months without heavy diet & exercises, she started to get back to social media to made her first body transformation post.

Suhaili's first social media transformation post after quite a while

There are many of her friends and acquaintances that asked for her transformation tips and she just recommend the herbal tea mix. When the demand for the secret herbal tea mix was increasing, they started the herbal tea brand with Olathee which was also known as LUSLIMLABEB herbal teas at that time.

OLATHEE early packaging with LUSLIMLABEB as the product name

The first version of the herbal teas are Morning Boost & Evening doze off that are still on the market until today in 2022. This business started from home in Harish's hometown Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. 

2018 - Growing the brand 

For the first time both co-founder of Olathee decided to get serious and moved to city Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is when they started to grow the team and the company (Olathe Empire Sdn Bhd) with only one mission at that time.. to help women that have the same problem like Suhaili to achieve their weight goals naturally using natural herbal teas.

Olathee team are always excited and motivated to help our customers with their transformation

Olathee only sold on online platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our first e-Commerce site We do have authorized reseller but our business don't focus on agent system but more towards online retail just to help them make extra money with Olathee's products on many other online selling platforms

2019 - First visit to the USA

Both the co-founders of Olathee went to the United States to get some inspiration from the natural products that are sold online and on the retail store. Back in the US, they are interested on how healthy and beauty product were presented and marketed and hope to do the same with Olathee.

Picture in New York City Time Square, Circa 2019

We took a visit to New York City, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC & Florida

People in the United States loves natural remedies and natural based products as we can see from many growing natural product brand in the US. They are aware of what they put in their body and we wish to spread this natural remedies awareness to Malaysian people.

2020 - Olathee Zesty Mama

Olathee Zesty Mama, our first herbal tea to help breastfeeding mom lose weight. This product was invented because we heard and listens to customer's feedback and request for natural products that can help breastfeeding moms.

Olathee Zesty Mama (Mommies) tea launching


We launched an event for Olathee Zesty Mama (formerly known as Olathee Mommies) and continue our mission to provide the best herbal teas that can help many women to lose weight naturally.

2021 - New packaging style

On early or July 2021 Olathee launched new and improved packaging for all the herbal teas ranged. With this new packaging, customer's can expect a longer shelf life for the herbal teas and make it easier to keep and brought anywhere.

We also updated the new price range that can suit customer's budget so that Olathee herbal teas can stay premium at affordable price. Our only mission is to help you lose weight naturally and help you to transform you live and be alive again with your new confidence!

2022 - OLATHEE travelled to USA for the 2nd time

Once again, both co-founders Ell & Harish took a visit to the USA to get inspirations from US natural based health and beauty brands. We are so serious to take this brand to the next level by improving our brand values and to give our best efforts so that you can experience OLATHEE at its best!

We took a road trip to the west with OLATHEE to give ourself some energy booster while maintaining our healthy weight. 

Both co-founders of OLATHEE on their trip to California, USA 
We took OLATHEE with us anywhere! This is Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
Started our day with OLATHEE Morning Boost tea to boost our energy on 6 hours drive to Northern California
Stay healthy, active & confidence with OLATHEE - Pictures in Route 66, California
OLATHEE SizeDown 2022 box in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California