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5 Reasons Why You Always Fail To Lose Weight In Ramadan!

5 Reasons Why You Always Fail To Lose Weight In Ramadan!
Have you ever wondered why you always gaining weight instead of losing weight during Ramadan? you should check out few of these reasons. Maybe 2 or 3 of them are the main reasons why you kept gaining weight. 

Why I Keep Gaining Weight Instead Of Losing Weight in Ramadan?

1. You eat more and more of sugary food & drink.

It must be tempting to see all the tasty food and drink during Ramadan and you decided to eat it all during berbuka. If you don't care about your body, then it's fine. But if you do care about getting healthier weight and losing few more kilos in Ramadan, you should reduce all of that sugary drinks and food! or even better, stop all of them just during this Ramadan.

2. You eat too much of high carbs food during sahoor & berbuka.

Yeah, we get it. You just wanted to get full during sahoor and satisfy your hunger during berbuka. So you just eat all of them high carbs food and go for extra rice, eat some more Roti John, and Murtabak. You can eat them, but please go light! reduce your high carbs food and don't eat them like everyday! Every once in a week is fine but every once a day? that will kill your body and your dream to achieve that Raya body goals!

3. You frequently get stressed out

When you are in Ramadan month sometimes you'll be tested with some problems or moments that will make you get stressed out. But you have to keep yourself to be calm and have more patience. This is Ramadan and it's not good for you to get stressed out. Even worse, getting stressed out will increase your stress hormone and make you gained weight even more!

4. You don't move your body more than you should have

Yeah it's Ramadan and fasting month, you don't get to eat lunch and you feel tired. But this doesn't mean you have to be static and reduce your movement during Ramadan. There are many activities that you can do to boost your calorie burning such as brisk walking and even better, when performing 'Solat Sunat Tarawih' you are moving and burning calories! So, keep moving to achieve your healthy weight loss target!

5. You don't consistently drink Morning Boost & Evening Doze Off tea during Ramadan.

Ramadan month is the best chance to boost your weight loss journey with OLATHEE herbal teas! During sahoor, you drink that Morning Boost tea to optimize your energy use throughout the day by burning all that extra fat and calories and before sleep, you drink that Evening Doze off tea to improve your digestive system and optimize the fat oxidation process. Plus, it can help to make you get a better sleep. So, in some ways OLATHEE herbal teas can help with boosting your weight loss process during Ramadan month and you should really take this chance to achieve your weight loss target!

Take your best chance to lose weight during Ramadan!

Ramadan or fasting month should be the best chance to lose weight and to take it seriously other than improving your acts or worship and 'amal ibadah' during Ramadan. If you don't keep your body fit and keep gaining weight, you'll feel lazy and even worse it will make you become lazy to improve your 'amal ibadah' throughout Ramadan.

Let's get better, and healthier during Ramadan! don't forget to drink your OLATHEE herbal teas consistently!