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This is a dedicated page to remind you that it is still possible to achieve your ideal weight naturally even though you think that it's almost impossible! May these stories motivate you to make your change towards a better and healthier life!

These are collections of short stories, real success weight loss results that we interviewed for OLATHEE since 2017. Look at them, get inspired, start to believe in yourself and don't forget take your action!

*Please take note that results may vary according to your motivation to lose weight apart from other factors such as consuming herbal teas consistently and living an active and healthier lifestyle!

OLATHEE Ultimate Results 1 - Sya

Syafiqah or know as Sya was our earliest weight loss result that our team ever interviewed. She was overweight since she was a teenager, but decided to make her biggest changed after she had enough with overweight women stereotype. She felt like she didn't even existed back then, people around her made she think that she is not that important.

Other than that, being overweight made her suffers many health issues and joint pain. She knew that she had to do something about it! She made it when she found the right product that suits her which was OLATHEE herbal teas.

After trying many tips & tricks because she was desperate to lose weight, she was about to give up but finally found OLATHEE as her first natural weight loss remedy and lose about 34 kg.  

She had previous bad experiences with weight loss products such as slimming pills and supplements. She was very grateful to found OLATHEE as the first and only natural weight loss herbal tea that is not the same as detox tea that give you sudden toilet urge!

OLATHEE Ultimate Results 2 - Ain

We travelled from KL to Ipoh, Perak to get her success weight loss story and found it to be interesting! One of the thing that inspired Ain to make the change was about her appearance. She loves to pose, try new fashion and look great in every photos. Who doesn't right? other than that, she had enough with what other people had to say about her body weight and finally take up the challenge!

Ain also had previous bad experiences with slimming pills that made her heart pump faster and made her anxious. She's concerned not just about her body weight, but with whatever weight loss product that she took that might effect her body negatively. But lucky for her, she found OLATHEE as the first natural weight loss booster that helped her lose 13 kg without any side effects!

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 3 - Syaf

Also from Ipoh, Perak Syaf was so excited to share her story with us as we did our interview to get to know her story. Before achieving her ideal weight, she was insecure with her weight and didn't have confidence to meet new people or to even go out for shopping. This is not good for her and her self confidence!

She tried many types of diet but failed to consistently do it. At the same time she was afraid to try slimming pills and supplements to boost her weight loss journey. But once she found the natural way to boost her weight loss which was OLATHEE, she managed to get her ideal weight and maintain her ideal weight even after not consuming OLATHEE herbal teas anymore. Good for her because now her insecurities was gone as she keep trying new fashion and stay confident with her new appearance!

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 4 - Farah

Farah is one of those girl that found out she gained weight suddenly without even noticing about it. She kept on gaining weight until she notice that everything was not going to be the same anymore. Her clothes started to felt little tight, she lost her confidence and even worse when someone else say something about her weight gain. She had enough with the situation! Who'd even like this kind of situation right?

Because of that, she get stressed out and tried heavy diet routine. She tried to eat less and less but that make it even worse! She was not happy with her diet routine. It makes her stressed even more with headache and stomach ache. What's even worse, when she stop the heavy diet routine, she gained a crazy amount of weight even more! 

But she didn't give up just yet, when she found about OLATHEE herbal teas and get inspired by our real feedback, she didn't wait for long and tried OLATHEE herbal teas herself. Now, she's even more confident to try new fashion and didn't have to worry about looking overweight in the photo! Why do you have to hide your fat when you can lose them right? 

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 5 - Arifa

Arifa got an interesting story when we interviewed her at Johor Bahru. We were a bit shocked to hear that she had started her weight loss journey after getting rejected by her crush. At first she did her weight loss journey, she knew that she's not only doing that because she get rejected, but it was more than that! She wanted to be healthier, active and that will make her appearance look even better to go with that!

Its great to know that she also tried OLATHEE herbal teas and succeeded her weight loss journey by losing 13kg. She became much more confident to style any clothes that she wants. She became completely different person with new and enhanced appearance! Now, she's more aware of her value and didn't even care about that previous rejection. If she wants a man, she'll get it! she don't have to beg for it or even try hard because she's a new woman with much more confidence! We are so happy to hear that OLATHEE helps to change her life to be even better! This raised our spirit to help more women out there!

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 6 - Syima

Syima is a mother of two that also have interesting story. She started to gained weight after pregnancy and baby delivery. After having her first baby, she found herself to be lack of confidence as she started to gained weight. She also found that it's getting hard to lose weight after having kid. At first, she thought this is normal and she just let it go and go on with her life. But her office mate kept asking about her weight gained. They even asked her "when are you going to lose weight?" yes maybe it's normal to gained weight after having kid, but why let it be when you can do something about it right? why let all those people say something about you right?

That was what Syima did, she make her move and motivate herself to lose weight she wanted to prove to everyone that said anything about her body that she can make the change! Lucky for her, she found OLATHEE herbal teas and surprisingly lose 19kg. She got her confidence back and now her office mate kept asking how does she lost her weight? hmm that's the irony. 

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 7 - Wanie

Wanie was interviewed on when she was on her way to lose more weight with OLATHEE herbal teas. She was excited to share her stories because she just found the right thing to help boost her weight loss journey. Wanie don't want to be the same as she were. She found that it was hard for her to find the right sizing to try new and hip fashion. Every time she wanted to try new fashion, she found it was hard. The clothes could be too tight when wanted a smaller size or too loose when she go for double or triple the size. That's when she knew that she must di something about it! 


It's good to know that Wanie also didn't believe typical slimming products out there. For her slimming products are a 'cliche', all those slimming pills, juices, powders and detox teas are all for the elders, not for youngster like her. She also knew that most slimming products is not good for her organs and body. That's why she go for OLATHEE herbal teas as our herbal teas are totally different and not promoted as slimming product. She lost about 34kg and now she totally can wear anything that she liked without any restrictions. She looked great with her new apperance!

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 8 - Linda

Linda was never the same as before when we first interviewed her to get to know her story. She told us when she was overweight nobody wanted to get close to her because of the smell that she got and the looked that she got. It's typical stereotype that when you are overweight you look lame and not attractive. But this doesn't stop Linda to make her change! She's done with her old self!

Yes, she found OLATHEE herbal teas and that changed her life forever! she lost almost 22kg with OLATHEE herbal teas. Now she's more attractive than before and doesn't look lame anymore. Now she already found the love of her life and got married. We are so happy to hear that and we are glad that OLATHEE somehow helped to change her life to be even better!

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 9 - Siti

When we interviewed Siti we were so shocked when she showed us her previous photo when she was overweight! How could losing weight made such a change! She looked vibrant and looked totally different with her new appearance! Siti work as an architect and found that good appearance must go along with her career. When she was overweight, nobody even noticed her as an architect and an important person in the firm. Even the clients don't even see her and thought that she was just a normal office worker. This situation motivated her to make her change!

As an architect her life is already busy. She don't have much time for everyday exercises and heavy diets at the same time she also don't want something bad to boost her weight loss journey like slimming pills and products. That when she found OLATHEE herbal teas and lose about 13 kg. Even that small changes boost her appearance even more! now she's getting more clients and even better, she further her career in the UK as an architect. Now that is something right?

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 10 - Shikin

Shikin is another OLATHEE Ultimate Result with an interesting stories. She also have problem with weight gain and also desperate to lose weight. Because of that, she tried many typical slimming products. Slimming pill, powders, juices, and many more. This lead to something bad that happened to her body when she found out that she had kidney problem due to that. Shikin quit consuming all those slimming products and don't believe them anymore.

She had bad impression to slimming products and started her weight loss journey without any products. But at the same time she also found that it's hard to boost her weight loss with just normal diet and exercises. That's when she found OLATHEE herbal teas. At first she didn't believe it, but decided to give it a try when she saw all the natural ingredients and success results story.

To make it even more convincing, she brought the herbal teas to her Doctor to ask for consultation. Her Doctor said it was fine to drink OLATHEE herbal teas because it is natural and there is nothing in the tea bag except for that ingredients listed in the packaging. She started her journey with OLATHEE right away and lose 11kg. She was happy but felt bad at the same time because she didn't found OLATHEE earlier. Anyway, it's great to see her changes!

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 11 - Hazrin

Who'd have thought, among all these women there's a man that became our Ultimate Result. At first you might have thought OLATHEE herbal teas is only for women. But no, it's for both genders. We just marketed it more towards women, that's why we have more women as a results. Hazrin is one of those man that got his confidence affected because he's overweight. He found that it's hard for him to talk to others especially women because of his weight. He walked slower, and always getting lazy to move. He always felt sleepy at work.

He decided to make his change and found OLATHEE herbal teas along his way to lose weight. He didn't believe after few months he finally got his ideal weight with almost 47kg of weight loss. Now he's no longer afraid to talk or be with others and started to get active with his new lifestyle. Latest news that we got is, he's already engaged with her woman of choice. It's great to know and hear that! 

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 12 - Fatin

As a women who work from 8-5 in the office, Fatin don't have much time to spent with walking around and only spent most of her time in the office and ate more. Because of that, Fatin slowly gained her weight. With sudden and unnoticed weight gain, Fatin started to lose her confidence and some of her favourites clothes doesn't fit her anymore. 















According to Fatin in our interview session, she likes to eat but don't have much time to go to the gym everyday and only sit in the office all day. She don't want to do heavy diet and she wanted to find something natural and safe to help boost her weight loss.

Then she found our LUSLIMLABEB herbal teas and started her journey with only drinking Morning Boost before going to work or at the office if she didn't make it in the morning and drinking Evening Doze Off tea before going to sleep. She didn't do that much to lose 10kg, just with herbal teas.

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 13 - Ummil

Before becoming social media influencer, Ummil was just an average woman with overweight problems that restricted her confidence, health and fitness level. She loves to try new fashion trends but being overweight somehow made she lose her confidence when wanted to put on new clothes that she liked. Some clothes will be too tight or too loose when she was overweight and this restricted her ideas to be more fashionable in her own way.

Other than that, being overweight made she worried about her health conditions in the future because as we know that being overweight will lead to other serious health issues in the future. She started her weight loss journey with more realistic approach without pills and supplements such as diets and exercises. But she found that it was still hard to lose weight without anything to boost but she doesn't want any crazy side effects like it'd be with pills and supplements. 

That's when she found OLATHEE herbal teas and decided to give it a try. It was the best decision that she made, now she's more confident with her new look and becoming more active as she loose weight. She became famous as an influencer with weight loss journey story and we are glad that OLATHEE was part of that big changes!

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 14 - Jieha

When our team met Jieha, we can see from her expression that she was so happy that she finally lose 14 kg and became more confident with herself. Before achieving her ideal weight, she struggled with problems related to overweight that affected her physically and mentally

Now she can wear anything with confidence and became more conscious with her healthy lifestyle changes. Our herbal teas even help her to cut her sugar craving and became more concern about her health.

In our recent interview session she even gave some motivational words to help others that are still struggling with losing weight to not ever give up and to keep their journey going until succeeded.  

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 15 - Wanie Aziz

Wanie started to gain weight after her marriage due to hormonal changes. When she gained weight, she started to felt the struggles of being overweight. According to Wanie she started to lost her confidence and didn't even care to look at herself at the mirror. Most of her clothes are not wearable anymore, the sudden weight gain made such an impacts on her confidence level.

Because of that, she tried to find something to help boost her weight loss. She already knew that by consuming supplements or slimming pills are not good for her body. Lucky for her, she found OLATHEE herbal teas ads on Instagram and decided to give it a try.

The funny thing is, she even brought our herbal teas to show it to her doctor just to get an approval. Her doctor inspected the herbal teas by looking closely at the tea bags and all the ingredients listed and told her that they are safe to be consumed.

She was very happy with her transformation. Even with only 5kg of weight loss she can wear her old clothes and even try some new fashion to boost up her confidence level with her new body transformation.On our interview session, she even gave some motivations to encourage other women to keep on their weight loss journey and never lose their hope. 

OLATHEE Ultimate Result 16 - Faghira

To be continued with few more stories..