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LUSLIMLABEB all natural herbal slimming teas
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Olathe Apothecary & LUSLIMLABEB, how it all started ?

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Back in 2014, after our marriage my wife Suhaili Salleh 'Elly' (the co-founder) gradually gained weight within a period of 1.5 years. From a normal and happy woman with standard body weight of 53 kg, she gained almost 21 kg throughout those years without noticing on how it adds up to her belly, arms, thighs and even her face !

Elly used to be a known hijab model back in 2013 to 2014 and featured in some local magazine such as 'Hijabista Magazine' and 'Remaja'. She even started her own 'hijabster' clothing line 'Infigacy' and it was quite famous back then because she was a model for her own clothing line. In 2012 to 2014 'hijabista' or hijab fashion was a hit and trend that freshly started. Every teenage girl will be hyped to try on a new look with hijab and experimenting on how to look much more fashionable with hijab. YouTube was the popular and best platform for most of 'hijabista' to learn and try a new look. There were always be new videos of hijab tutorials. That's when she gained her popularity through YouTube and social medias such as Facebook and Instagram. Elly will always uploaded new hijab tutorial that she experiment with and it becomes a trend for others to follow.

Elly back in 2014 before she gained weight

As you can see from the above photo, this is Elly in mid 2014 before she gained weight dramatically. she became a model of her own clothing line 'Infigacy'

So what's the deal with this hijab modelling and her weight gain ? Obviously she was unable to stand out from other 'hijabsters' because of her weight gain. She rarely uploaded her 'ootd' photos on Facebook and Instagram and even quit modelling for her own hijab clothing line 'Infigacy' and used other skinny model instead. It was not because she's unhappy because she was fat, she was lack of self confident. Unable to stand out from others and with her business 'Infigacy' was on the verge of breaking down because she didn't model her own clothes Elly was desperate to lose weight. 

I remembered the time when she passed out after taking a slimming pills, i didn't quite sure what was happening to her. I thought all of this medicine will work best on her without any bad side effects claimed by the slimming pills brand. As for me it is normal to gain weight after marriage isn't it ? most of us will agree. But i can't stand watching her get depressed every time she wants to try on a new outfit that she didn't even fit. Because all of the slimming products doesn't work, i advised her to start exercising. Well she started going to the gym in a few months but only little weight loss ever recorded. I know it is hard to lose even littlest weight after gaining so much weight at a long period of time.

Fat started to build up on her face
This is Elly when she gained weight in 2015, her face started to look chubby.

In the mean time, i made my research on natural remedies to lose weight without any side effects, it took almost a month researching before i was finally be able to customize and designed the final ingredients that will make it work effectively. I started to ask around chinese herbal shop around Johor Bahru (where i was studying in 2016) and around Kuala Lumpur. I was shocked when i found out that the price for each herbs is quite expensive ! with total of 13 herbs that i wanted to buy it cost more than RM 500.

I started to look for the sources and manufacturers with the intend of getting it cheaper. Finally i was able to customized my own herbal tea after a few discussion with the manufacturer. It comes in the morning and evening ritual where the morning tea need to be drinked before or with breakfast and evening tea to be drinked on at night before sleep. At first Elly doesn't know that i was designing a herbal teas for her. I made her tried it even she lose hope of trying any slimming products. For the 1st 10 days, the herbal teas has no effect on her but i convinced her to keep on the morning and night ritual maybe the herbs did not take any effect in her body yet. 

After a month of maintaining the ritual she lose about 5-6 kg and she was very happy about it even was not really a big number for me. She targeted to reach her body weight of 53 kg which i think is impossible. But i told her to keep going and drink it for few more weeks. In early may 2016 and within 2 months she finally lose 17 kg of body weight around her belly, thigh, arms and face without extreme diet and exercise. Even though she didn't make it until 53 kg, i think it was a big leap because she is much more happy than ever before. She can wear any outfit that she wants and started to upload more photos on social medias.

A significant weight loss ever recorded using LUSLIMLABEB by Elly

It was quite a shocked for others especially her long time followers since her old so called glory days, hahah. They started asking what have her done to lose that much weight. Well i think it is not fair not to share because there are many other girls and women out there that may be in the same shoes as Elly before she reached her body goals.

So, we decided to make more of these herbal teas and sell it with intention to help others. But, there were no specific name for it. Hmmmm I started to get this kind of lame and stupid name LUUSLIMMMLABEBB because i recalled a scene from local movie that used this name for their typical malay slimming product. I think in that movie it was obvious that the scene is showing how seemingly ridiculous slimming product these days. it was clear that the scene was made as a mockery for local slimming product. 

LUSLIMLABEB made with 13 premium herbs

But for 'LUSLIMLABEB' the final name that we decided for this proven to be effective herbal tea is wayyyy different than other typical products (i guess). Because look at Elly, how many slimming products that she tried, even the most typical one none of them really worked ! There were nothing but only pain. I'm not saying this because i want to degrade other local slimming products. It is just that, why don't they start selling like really natural based slimming products not some artificial ingredients based product. For some people it will probably be okay to consume these kind of processed products because they want a fast results ! they don't really think about what are these products gonna do to their body. I think it is time to change our people mindset about beauty and slimming products. They don't have to be fast and full of sh*t but they have to be at least safe to consume.

So for this LUSLIMLABEB herbal tea i'm inspired by other beauty or slimming products brands from Europe and across America that had already started using natural ingredients as their main formula and maybe they had started it 10 years ago.

In order to make sure that we sold only natural based products, we started this company 'Olathe Apothecary & Beauty' with the intent of helping others by providing them a natural, safe, effective but affordable beauty & slimming products. LUSLIMLABEB is our 1st products that fits the company's vision and mission. 

Story written by the husband and CEO of Olathe Empire Sdn Bhd, Syukri Harish Uzaimi

The founder of LUSLIMLABEB by Olathe Apothecary & Beauty

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